Australian made supply chain: Upward trends for 2021

For the past years, we have learned to become self-reliant with the Australian Made supply chain. As a matter of fact, countries are turning inwards and they are going to serve themselves rather than servicing external countries and Australians are in that same boat.

Since the occurrence of COVID-19, the global manufacturing and logistics industries have witnessed dramatic changes. One key trend is the growing awareness and self-resilience in turning to Australian-made products. Thus, this has empowered the sustainability of the local supply chain and prove the high quality locally made products at affordable prices.

Without a doubt, the positive growth in demand for Australian made products allows for the long-term sustainability of our homegrown supply chain. This has also opened avenues for numerous construction developments. Recently, many industrial warehouses and manufacturing hubs are under construction to accommodate local production.

Aon Ari Property is the leading space saver and invigorator with our multi-million dollar project proposed in Penrith to revive a local metal factory into an advanced manufacturing precinct.

“If you look at Penrith alone, it used to manufacture a lot of items, including Panasonic.”

“And now you hear stories about people having to wait for white goods and electronics and it just doesn’t make sense.” – John Joannou, principal of Aon Ari Property

Join us today to bring back the manufacturing to Australia!