Australian Manufacturing: The future is right here

Australia has long been a proud country of manufacturing since the 19th century. In the wake of COVID-19, Federal and State Governments have become more aware and supportive of manufacturing, stating the future is right here for Australian Manufacturing.

A competitive business environment for manufacturing

For the past 6 months, the Government has taken various actions to encourage a more growth-driven environment for manufacturing businesses. Setting appropriate taxes, reducing energy costs and loosen regulations and many other schemes have opened the avenue for the booming future of manufacturing.

A more resilient supply chain

In addition to the competitive environment, the future of manufacturing is brighter for the connections between businesses and researchers. This places the emphasis on adopting the innovation and technological advances to direct the industry in a new way.

The government is also working across various supply chains to unveil new opportunities and expand the manufacturing network. The focus on modern manufacturing has gained a lot of advocates who are willing to embrace a more creative and sustainable approach to manufacturing.

” We will partner with industry to immediately lay the groundwork for prioritising and boosting collaboration and investment in our National Manufacturing Priorities. We will facilitate a co-designed process with industry-led expert teams to develop road maps against each of the National Manufacturing Priorities. Together with industry, we will identify the roadblocks to growth and actions to overcome them. A refocused and refreshed Industry Innovation and Science Australia will have a key advisory role on the road maps and investment decisions.” – Federal Government

Many industrial precincts to be developed to support the manufacturing

Recently, many areas in New South Wales and Victoria have welcomed new industrial projects. These precincts are developed to support local manufacturers and businesses that focus on producing, assembling, and processing. Excitingly, Aon Ari Property is proud to be among the pioneers to boost the national manufacturing industry by our huge $100M redevelopment project in Penrith. As a matter of fact, we will give the site at 2115 Castlereagh a rebirth and transform the former Crane Factory into a new manufacturing hub.

Source: industry.gov.au