5 trends in digital transformation for manufacturing

In the era of technological advances, ‘digital transformation’ is now a ubiquitous term that manufacturers are getting to be familiar with. Here are the 5 digital transformation trends manufacturing businesses are taking on to improve their process

The Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) has become a disruptive way to automate and minimise the manufacturing processes. Accordingly, this creates competitive edge for manufacturing businesses. In particular, anything can be digitalised and integrate into a building management system that your team can get easily access.

Data and analytics

The epoch of modernisation has opened avenue for the advanced manufacturing technology that allows for smart producing and processing. In fact, these can now be integrated in an ERP system that helps businesses to manage their supply chain in an efficient manner.

Robotic Machines

Highly trainable robots are now available to assist businesses in their repetitive processes to save more time and effort. Furthermore, with extremely modern technology, sensors are now available for installation into machines to give precious feedback and data. Therefore, businesses can use these sensors to improve the manufacturing process.

Automation enables quicker and more efficient process

All these digital technologies have now let companies and businesses to optimise their production and distribution workflows, which saves many dollars in cost and generate more in revenue. As a matter of fact, cloud computing has been more reliable and sustainable, manufacturers are now able to improve their Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) up to 85%.

At Aon Ari Property, we try to evolve and develop at a swift pace to catch up with these revolutionary trends. As a result, we always find disruptive solutions to improve our industrial and commercial properties.

Source: forbes.com