4 Tips For Leasing An Industrial Space

If you are running a business and looking for warehouses and assembly spaces, leasing an industrial space can be perplexing sometimes. Thus, here are the top 4 tips for leasing industrial space.

Access and Loading Zone

Before looking to inspect an industrial warehouse, you should be clear in your mind where you want the space to be. This is essential as it can impact your whole supply and distribution chains depending on the accessibility of the space. In addition to access, the scale of your business might also indicate whether you need large vehicle access and loading area for your goods. This needs to be identified at the early stage so you can calculate your rough budget.

Consider your utility requirements

After determining your space location, size and surrounding areas which are quite straightforward, it’s important to consider necessary utilities from the beginning. Upon your inspection, you need to ask for these to ensure such things as power wiring, roller doors, access, and security are up to your demand. Otherwise, you may run into risks of extra costs to alter your own utilities. If you are unsure about technical installations, you can ask for professionals to assist you with the inspection.

Floor load needs

Besides utilities, safety requirements regarding floor load are inevitable. If your business is in heavy manufacturing industry, floor load requirements are more complicated to install specific equipment. For instance, some industrial machinery need the minimum slab thickness of high tonnage forklifts.

The flexibility for alterations

This is particularly for any business as changes are crucial. Any industrial spaces should allow for modifications and improvements. However, this needs to be clear from the start so you don’t have to face any difficulties after reaching the contract. At Aon Ari Property, we welcome your alterations, which is our mission to design the space where you can call “My Space”.

Before you go and choose your warehouse or industrial spaces, research on the market is vital. Go to trustworthy site like Financial Review or Sydney Morning Herald to better understand the property market in your area and upcoming development news.