Women In Industry Awards: Opportunities for Australian Female Talents

Women In Industry Awards reward all Australian female talents for their accomplishments in a range of industries: mining, manufacturing, engineering, etc. The awards aim at promoting the profile of women within the industry for future growth.

In particular, there are 10 categories to choose winners: Excellence in Engineering, Excellence in Transport, Excellence in Manufacturing, Excellence in Mining, Mentor of the Year, Safety Advocacy Award, Industry Advocacy Award, Business Development Success of the Year, Rising Star of the Year and Social Leader of the Year. Last year, the awards were impressively successful with manufacturing being the leading industry where women have been increasingly participating. Especially, the winner for Manufacturing Industry was Rochelle Avinu, who had won the Victorian Manufacturing Woman of the Year in 2019.

“Often the manufacturing industry is portrayed as factory work, but there are endless opportunities in the industry in cross-functional disciplines, such as laboratories, quality, procurement and management, and leadership,” she said.

Without a doubt, the awards have been giving significant inspiration and encouraging females to follow their dreams and prove their talents. Manufacturing is now more ubiquitous regardless of gender.

This year, nominations open until 25 June 2021 for final round. The 2021 Women in Industry awards gala evening will take place on Thursday 17 August 2021. The awards are calling for Australian female talents to nominate and share their heartening stories in the industry and help to connect nationwide manufacturing businesses.

As a space invigorator, Aon Ari Property stands with the local female manufacturers who look for innovation and ever-changing technology to develop their own products. Wholeheartedly, we trust in woman power and how tremendously they can contribute to the heavy industry regardless of any preconceptions. Through reigniting spaces, we transform them into desirable centres that attract local people to join and grow with us.